Estonian Design Prize BRUNO


BRUNO Estonian Association of Designers` design award for creator of best Estonian product, author of best design project and the company practicing design management in an exemplary fashion.




In order to value design and the profession of designer, the Estonian Association of Designers decided in 2006 to start giving out the Estonian Design Award. The first Design Award was given out in the eighties by Tallinn Art Institute Department of Design at the initiative of Bruno Tomberg. Among the award-winners were very experienced professionals like Matti Õunapuu, Heikki Zoova etc. The Estonian Design Award has been named after the pioneer of Estonian design, founder of design department at Art Academy – Bruno Tomberg.


The Estonian Association of Designers wishes to present innovative, high-standard new products to the public that would prompt Estonians to consume domestic design and motivate entrepreneurs to involve professional designers in product development.  The recognition would encourage designers to create new interesting products and motivate them to learn about tendencies in design on the international level. For the design-knowledgeable entrepreneur participating in the competition with a designer and the public sector, product development from the aspect of design and design management would bring recognition and would be a good role model for others.  In the long-term perspective, the Design Award is a springboard for new products and brands to the international arena.